Quick Extender Pro Results (week by week)- My Review

My Personal Experience on the Quick Extender Pro

After a lot of consideration, I decided to fire up the search engine and look up a solution. Based on my experience, having a smaller penis can be a little frustrating sometimes. Not all women are too forgiving about the size of their partner and care about the length more. Unless you already have a lot of experience in pleasing your partner, achieving a satisfying sex life can be harder.

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Upon searching for a solution to end my problem, I stumbled into penis extenders. A penis extender is something new to me since I already heard about plastic surgeries and pills. Thus, I did my research to satisfy my curiosity. The Quick Extender Pro is one of the most searched penis extenders that I encountered. After going through its customer reviews, I was convinced that it is worth a shot.

I have never tried any penis enlargement device or solutions before so I was a little nervous about using one. However, I focused on its design to stimulate growth based on natural principles. Also, my determination to improve myself is bigger than my fears so check out my personal experience of using QEP. 

First Week

For the first week, I decided to wear the device whenever I was at home. I don’t want to get other people’s attention by having a bigger bulge on my pants. In other words, I was not confident yet to use the Quick Extender Pro outside my comfort zone.

Regardless, I started with just a few hours only while I was adjusting with its applied tension. I wore the device for the entire 3 hours every day during the first week. By the end of the week, I already adjusted a little and get used to its pressure on my penis.

Second Week

The second week was easier so I started to add a few more hours of usage. From 3 hours at first, I extended it to 6 hours. I still wore the device whenever I am at home so I can move around without worrying about my bulge. When I get used to the feel of it for an extended period, I added the 0.5 cm extension rod.

This extension rod stretched my penis more but remained comfortable to wear for 6 hours. At the same time, it doesn’t make my penis numb or purple like other low-quality penis extenders.

Third Week

When the third week arrived, I decided to push it a little more and added 2 more hours daily. Instead of wearing it for 6 hours, I wore it for 8 hours every day. I have adjusted already to its tension after wearing it for long hours daily during my second week of usage.

However, I divided its usage to allow my penis to relax in between hours of use. So, I wore it for 4 hours in the morning and another 4 hours in the afternoon or evening. This way, I can also do other things without worrying about any hindrance when moving. I also added a 0.5 cm extension rod again to make sure that I get the best results after a few months.

Fourth Week – 6th Month

After three weeks of using the Quick Extender Pro, I didn’t mind the feel of the device already. I started to wear it even if I am driving somewhere near aside from using it at home. After a few more weeks, I became more confident while wearing it outside. I even wore it at work since I spend most of my working hours behind my desk.

However, I avoid wearing it where there are too many people who may notice my “too big” bulge. After all, the device alone is big enough to be noticed easily even though my pants are not too tight. So, I wore the device regularly until I reached its initial 6-month period. I also adjusted the extensions regularly to maximize the use of the device and its results.

My Results

To be honest, using it for 4 weeks seemed like it did nothing. But that didn’t stop me from using the penis extender. I continued wearing the Quick Extender Pro for a few more months until I noticed some results. After 3 months of consistent use, the changes started to become more noticeable as the micro-tears on my shaft healed.

I wouldn’t say that I added an extra inch to my tool but achieving slight changes is enough to motivate me. Thus, I continued to use the device until I met the 6 months to see better results. Regular usage allowed me to achieve a balanced increase in my length and girth. The device didn’t cause pain or discomfort while I was using it.

Its Double Strap Support system made it more supportive and comfortable even after 8 hours of usage. Therefore, I was able to move around and even go to work while wearing it under my pants. Now, I am more confident about my size as well as my harder erections. I can also say that my partner is more satisfied now as I can last longer in bed.

Quick extender Pro

Final Words

The Quick Extender Pro is a handy penis enlargement device that can stimulate natural penis growth. It is made from high-quality and medical-grade materials that you can rely on. Aside from having a supportive design, I also like the fact that is safe even for users with sensitive skin. Its strap support also gave it an advantage over other penis extenders since it provided more support.

At the same time, it kept my penis comfortable despite the applied tension on it for long hours. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it in bed to avoid getting injuries by accidentally sandwiching your strapped penis while asleep. If you want to get the best results after using this device, use it properly and consistently. It is also best to get advice from your doctor to ensure your safety.



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